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Ministry of Life

Any questions? Call - +7 (812) 578 18 07 or ash at ministryoflife dot ru

Who we are

We are Ministry of Life. We are developing social and mobile applications and games. We strive for the world without the money where all the work is being done by the robots which are managed through our apps.

We've developing social apps for the last two years, primarily for Russian social networks. Currently our main focus is global-oriented to mobile apps market. We have in-house development of our own projects. We're also eager to develop applications for you, no matter the complexity level.

Our relationships with customers are based on the mutual trust since we believe that being good people comes first. When you outsource project development to us, you can be sure that we'll share your headache and treat it as our own.

We also believe that current applications market trend is corrupt. Instead of putting monetization first we're focusing on the value and emotions that we bring to our users. That is our ultimate value.

Most of our projects are created in secrecy. We're not announcing our applications until they're fully ready. We also value our startup spirit much. For us creativity and flexibility mean more than formal procedures. We're not afraid of making mistakes and treat our business as a game. In the end, the only thing that matters is the human relationship between us, our employees, customers, and users. That is translated to our motto: karma comes first.