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SocialSender launched!

Название новости

In August after several months of hard work we finally launched SocialSender. Our goal was to create easy-to-use efficient tool for sending notifications to app users on Vk.com. In September and October we worked on improvements to make SocialSender even better.

Tool sends notifications to the app users when they go online, thus, increasing return rate by 20-50%! Try it now!

Learn more on www.socialsender.ru

New website version launched!

Название новости

We're happy to announce the new version of our website. We're sure that it will help us to find new contacts with potential partners and investors. Welcome and feel free to contact us!

Purrapy for Android

Purrapy for Android

We are proud to say that we have launched our first Android mobile application. Purrapy will help you to relax as you stroke the almost-like-real cat fur and listen to the wonderful purring sounds. This app is masterpiece. Live wallpaper included!

Get it on Google Play

Purrapy is already covered by wonderful website, LiveWallpapers.Org

Ministry Mobile

Ministry Mobile

We are sure that mobile applications possess the future. That is why we announce that Ministry of Life shifts its focus to mobile app market. Our first destination is the Android's top 10.

Our first project will be launched in Play Store in a couple of months. However, we haven't lost our unique competence of developing social apps. We'll be happy to create the app of your dream for you!